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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The journey

I haven't blogged as much as I thought I would. Actually I haven't blogged at all.

I found that I have been trying to be more present. In the now. When we were getting married I almost forgot to enjoy the path leading up to our special day. I was so busy focusing on the one day...

This time I want to make sure that I savor every precious moment of this journey.
I have had a very easy pregnancy so far. No morning sickness, not really any back pain. Haven't gained too much (probably cause I already had some extra kilos when we started) and I am still able to bike to and from work every morning! I am loving every moment.

We decided to not find out the sex. It will be a surprise. Can't believe I'm 7 and a half months now. I have a feeling time will fly and before we know it out little baby will be here with us.

The bump is starting to get really big and time for studio is harder and harder to find. I will be putting the shops on vacation at the end of march so give myself more time to rest and prepare.

Have a wonderful Saturday my friends
love ~ tess


  1. Oh my gosh Tess, you are getting so close!!!! YAY! :) So exciting! :)

    And I had to comment to say that I have been working on being present too. In fact, I have a little sticky note on my computer at work that simply says 'present'. My co-workers probably think it's a reminder to stop at the store, but it's actually a reminder to be present. (which I'm not right now because I'm reading you ! so off I go, just wanted to say YAY, and HI! and I can relate! )

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