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Monday, May 24, 2010

biking and kissing

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Two of my favorite things :o)

this weekend just flew by...

anyone else feel like it was over before it started?

On Saturday David and I packed up the bikes on the good old truck and went for a wonderful bike ride.

The sun was shining and it was perfect weather. Worked up a good sweat and sat in the grass for a bit. Every time we go out I realize how much I miss being out in nature. Must bike more often! plus it's great exercise. I can tell a difference already in how my jeans fit and how I feel in general. Not just from Saturdays bike ride obviously, but from biking in to work a couple of days a week.

This week they are doing maintenance on the trail that we ride to work so we might have to ride a shorter route, but it's better than nothing. Hopefully they open up the whole trail soon so we can get back to riding 12 miles one way!

I can't believe it's Monday already... crazy...


Friday, May 21, 2010

Wild roses hoops

Wild roses hoops
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I finished another pair of wild roses earrings. I've been dying to make a larger pair of hoops and I just LOVE how they turned out.

There are more pictures on my Flickr page if you click on the image..

and there are also finished pics of those first earrings I made :o)

I hope you like them as much as I do!!!

love ~tess

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Possible wholesale?

Pinwheel earrings
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So I was contacted by uncommon goods about a possible wholesale order. Very exciting but also very scary...

For the first time I really realized that I needed to go over my pricing and make sure that I could offer wholesale without giving my jewelry away for free.

I downloaded Chris Parry's fantastic pricing excel sheet (available on his blog) and started typing in the cost of material, time spent etc.. And guess what. It turns out I have been selling pretty much at wholesale prices. Which I sort of already knew but it's still very eye opening when you see what you should be selling at to make a profit.

As you all know it is my goal to do this full time so I have started the process over going over each of my designs to adjust the pricing so that I would be able to offer them wholesale. With my pricing pretty much doubled I am sure that many of you will get a chock when you visit my Etsy shop and I apologize for that. I realize that this is something I should have been doing all along. I am working on some more designs in lower price points :o) so stay tuned.

I am also taking new photos of everything with white backgrounds for my line sheets and I've already updated those listings on Etsy. I have been in love with my colored backgrounds for quite some time but I want to try something new.. I might still go back to some colors but I definitely need to take new photos of a lot of them. Comparing the old pinwheel photo with the new, I am surprised they were selling at all!

I made a samples of pinwheel earrings, pinwheel studs, pinwheel ring and a pair of growing flowers and mailed out to uncommon goods today. So keep your fingers crossed. This is a huge opportunity and I really hope they want to work with me...

as far as novaofsweden is concerned I will continue with similar pricing as that line is not something that I can see myself doing wholesale with. It's truly my creative outlet and I want to keep it that way :o)

If anyone has any experience with wholesale, uncommon goods or pricing feel free to comment. I learn something new everyday!

have a wonderful wednesday!
love ~tess

Friday, May 14, 2010

Space kitties and exploring minds...

I got 2 huge boxes with my fantastic center pieces for the wedding! I ordered 12 vinegrape spheres from AprilHilerDesigns on Etsy. She was fantastic and custom made them for me. I just wanted the spheres with an openening and no handles and she did a fantastic job. David is going to make holders that stand so the spheres will just hang above the table (so you can still see everyone around you!).

I can almost see it now.
Earthy gorgeous vinegrape spheres, dangling high above the tables.. Some lingering vines cascading out from the opening on the side... As the sun begin to set you will see the lights inside the spheres like little fireflies buzzing around..

Oh I can hardly wait!

And Lisa being the curious kittie she is had to explore one right away....

Posing with my new space helmet... oh boy I have special fur babies...

Take a look at this!

My roses are free falling. Escaped from the heavy silver backing that usually accompany them.


oh so pretty

oh so light!

I might have to keep these for myself.. I'll take more pics after they've been oxidized and the stones set... I am thinking pretty pink Peruvian opal... Mmmm...

But there is more where this came from.. LOTS more!! I'm aiming to have a shop update May 28th so maybe you'll see these babies there... or they might just live on my ears!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!
love ~tess

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A little wedding sale in novadesigns

Swedish blueberries
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Hi there!
Not to worry I am still alive! Busy working on custom orders and enjoying spending time with David. It's been a great weekend and although this week seem to be very rainy :o( I am still in a wonderful mood!

I have tons of ideas bouncing around in my head and I think the wedding plans are coming together. We just bought supplies for our save the dates. It includes a p-touch and magnets.. Curious? I will take some pictures for you once we get started.

I am trying to nail down a caterer for the wedding. Easier said than done... I think I have the rehearsal dinner figured out but not for the big day.. So if you know any good ones (not crazy expensive) in the Philly area please feel free to leave a comment.

And I want to thank all of you for helping me save for my dream wedding. Without your amazing support we wouldn't be able to do it. So from the bottom of my heart:

Thank you!

As a special thank you I am offering 15% refund (though paypal) on any jewelery purchases made in
No minimum purchase required. Offer is valid until Sunday May 16th. Happy Shopping!

have a wonderful day and I will talk to you later!
love ~tess

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sproutlings and peonies

"I promise I will find a spot for you soon. I just can't put you anywhere. You must understand that..." ha ha my poor little peony has been sitting on our stairs for a while now. I just can't decide where I should put it... Plus a know very little about gardening and flowers.. I make it up as I go.. So if you know what peonies like please leave a comment and let me know...

And here's my cutie :o) You'd think all them little grass seeds are his babies. That is how good he is taking care of them.
And YEAH! They finally came! Ha ha I was starting to give up and all of the sudden. KABANG! (or whatever seeds say when they burst out from under the soil). I am know I proud baby seedling mama of lupines, sun flowers, forget me nots (of course) and sweet peas...

and my little garden outside started sprouting too! Mom you would be so proud. I have lettuce and a tons of herbs growing.. And carrots and even broccoli!

I just love these days when I get to spend them outside. They are very rare when you work full time and try to run a successful business from home. So today I filled my lounges with fresh air and dug deep into the soil. Ahhhhh so wonderful!

Have a good night my friends!
love ~tess

Sun in my belly

Sun in my belly
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I got to visit my absolute favorite place in Atlanta this weekend.. Sun in my Belly... I am in love with their Vanilla yogurt parfait with fresh berries...


and i got to see one of my favorite girls too! Nicole, she is the sweetest! :o)

What else is new.. My garden finally started to sprout!!! I am so excited. I have to take photos for you and post tomorrow. Tiny little spouts finally showing... I do hope I can take care of them properly....

And we put a deposit on a tent for the wedding! So that's one thing I can take off my to do list... I have so many things on that list it's crazy...

And I started going back to the gym this week! Finally getting this lazy butt in gear. I have even been going there at 7 am to squeeze it in before work. And tomorrow David and I will bike to work. Last summer I was biking and besides being excellent exercise it's also incredible for your well being. It's so relaxing as the trail is in the woods and by a river. It's a 12 mile long path so yes you do get tired by the time you get to work, but I think it's worth it. I think about nature, breathing... life.. love, friends, happiness and sad things.. 12 miles is plenty of time to reflect on most things in life. And you get to see rabbits and chipmunks too :o)

I hope you are all having a fantastic day and thank you for dropping by!
love ~tess