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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And the lucky winner....

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... is Lexe (amacarlson)! She won my little giveaway I was having in Nova of Love! She picked the forest dream bobbies as her price. :o)

I'll be wrapping them up and shipping them out to their new home first thing in the morning.


Crayfish galore

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David knows how much I miss Sweden and he surprised me the other day when he brought home crayfish!

They are like tiny lobster, just more salty. And you have to work a little harder to get all the meat out of their tiny claws. But it's worth it! You can buy them frozen at IKEA. They are already cooked in water and dill so just defrost and enjoy!

~tess (one happy swede)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

custom order request listings!

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I think it's about time...

It's been far to long since I listed some custom order request listings.
And I know some of you have been waiting patiently for them.
So I decided to list 3 custom orders deposit listings within the hour.

I am aiming to have them completed in September so that gives me enough time to keep up with my busy life, wedding plans and fabric flowers.

Hope you're all having a great day!
Lots of love ~tess

Monday, August 23, 2010

Etsy Anniversary Sale!

bursting ring
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Can you believe it's almost been a year since nova of sweden sat foot on Etsy?

Well this Thursday August 26th nova of sweden is turning one year. It's been a fantastic year. With some downs... but with many more ups.

As a thank you to all of you who have been there to watch me grow, who have supported me in this journey I will be having a one day sale only.

You will get 15% off any design in my little shop nova of sweden for that day only, so if you have your eyes peeled on something you better claim it fast!

Sale will start at 9 am (philly time) Thursday August 26th, 2010 and
end at midnight.

Have a fantastic day! And don't forget to stop by nova of love to leave your heart for a chance to win a fabric flower accessory!

love ~tess

Sunday, August 22, 2010

labour of love

a new adventure

instead of playing with metal and fire

but to
also play with with fabric and fire

I can express different things with fabric.
I can use my hands and fire to make it take on different shapes.
It's like a love child between nova of sweden and nova designs.

A soft chiffon, silk and pearl baby

It's so new.. so filled with promises. It's a little scary actually.
I've put so much heart into all my shops. A lot of love.
I do hope this new baby is well received. I have been watching it like a hawk.
Seeing who will be the first to claim a little fabric flower...

Grand Opening Giveaway
A special fabric flower hair accessory
could be yours to keep.
( I will take a photo and show you later)

It's quite simple actually.
Swing by nova of love! and leave your heart behind.
On August 27th I will randomly draw one winner
who will receive this special fabric flower hair accessory...

Thank you so much for stopping by and
have a fantastic Sunday!
love ~tess

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

rose fever

I have been making a lot of roses lately...

I guess you could say I've got roses on my mind.

It's a fun concept with so many options.
I keep finding new ways to incorporate them into my designs
and frankly I am just having a blast playing with them.

I have a gorgeous stone on my desk.

Well I have more than one but let's focus on this ONE

Luscious read roses all over
Like it's been kissed by a summer garden

I am telling you this stone is GORGEOUS

I have this idea...
Of a handmade chain made up of with links just like in these earrings.
Yes, it would be a lot of work...

But don't you think it would be worth it?

I think a stone as gorgeous as that deserves a extra special chain.

Yep I am gonna go for it.

Have a great day my friends!
and thank you for taking some time out of your busy lives
to see what this little swede is up to...

love ~tess

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Talk about Blog August 15th

I'm happy as a clam to be a member in the handmade division team. Every month we all blog about the same topic. This month the topic was: Talk about something you'd like to create, that you maybe don't have the skills or technology to do currently?

And I thought long and hard about it. I mean there are so MANY things I would love to create and so many new skills to learn. Many of them metalsmith related. Like etching. I would love to learn how to etch. That would combine my love for painting with metal. I could see myself creating a lot of interesting things with that.

But if I seriously would talk about what I'd like to create a bigger network of friends. I am not kidding. Moving to another country, leaving all your friends behind.. Working a full time job and running a business does not leave much for developing friendships. I find myself cringing when the phone rings. I feel like I don't have time to talk on the phone.. I rarely call anyone myself either...

So I don't hang out much with other people... and when I do I find myself incredible awkward.. With very little to say. It didn't always used to be like that but I guess I am just very rusty at this whole social thing. I need to develop my social skills I think :o)

And trust me it's not that I don't want friends. I just find it to be so much hard work. It takes a lot of time and energy to get to know someone. And I guess I don't feel like I have a lot of either one right now. So depressing!

Ha ha so I guess I would love better time management and a refresh course in social skills so that I can find myself surrounded with friends again :o)


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Saturday, August 14, 2010

update to the shop update

oh dear.. I am afraid time got away from me today. I just could not leave the studio. Those are good days though so I hope you understand! But I will add all these goodies to my shop tomorrow. Now that is a promise.

The update will start tomorrow Sunday at 11am philly time!
I hope to see you all there.

It's very satisfying seeing them all lined up like this. Like one big happy family :o)

Four fantastic new rings. Don't be fooled by the humble appearance of the porcelain jasper. The back is quite sweet if I may say so myself!

Two pairs of earrings. I can't stop gushing about those rose earrings. Yes, I think they are quite that spectacular :o) Believe it or not I actually bought those cabs from two different people. I think they were originally cut by the same guy though. I am so glad I waited for them to be reunited again.

and YES I made two lingering vines. oh how I love my lingering vines.. the way they drape around your neck in so many different ways. What's not to love about versatility!

And finally two gorgeous necklaces. So yummy!

and now it's time for a VERY late dinner..

see you tomorrow!
love ~tess

Friday, August 13, 2010

almost made it

I have cuts and blisters on my fingers...
But it wasn't enough.

I fell short and didn't finish everything I wanted tonight...

But I did make a lot of progress. The rose earrings are AMAZING.
I'll finish them all up and add them to my shop tomorrow (saturday).

I hate when I don't meet a goal I've given myself

But if you reach for the stars you might at least reach the treetops...

Have a fantastic Friday my friends!
love ~tess

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I found one...

a dress

It's beautiful...
It's everything I dreamed it would be...



I wish I could show you.
But that would be kind of risky.
I do have one of those supportive men who occasionally reads my blog...

But I will show you other dresses that didn't make the cut later...

Now I have to run

lots of love and lace! ~tess

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

upcoming shop update

in the works
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I work better when I give myself a goal. And it has been too long since my last shop update in the nova of sweden shop.

So yesterday I opened up my boxes of stones and fondled them like little pets. Softly whispered sweet things as I turned them around in my hands, feeling their shape and presence. Once again amazed by the colors nature can produce. It's quite incredible isn't it?

I settled for these stones. Some Ocean Jaspers (quite a few actually), Indian paint brush jasper, imperial jasper, a sweet cherry creek and some other goodies. That crazy looking druzy is my favorite out of this batch. Maybe not the prettiest of them all but so much potential. I have been nurturing this idea for this stone. A juicy, yummy strawberry ring. With it's potential also comes some challenges. It has a rounded back so this will require some thinking outside the box to make it work. I think I have it all figured out but time will tell :o)

So mark your calender.
Friday the 13th. Yep I decided that we should all have something fun to look forward to on Friday the 13th. I think that day has an unnecessary bad reputation. I can't for the life of me remember one Friday the 13th that was particular worse than any other day.

It might be a little ambitious though. My friend Harsha is coming tonight. She is flying in from Utah. We are going dress shopping in NY tomorrow. I am so excited and it means the world to me that she was able to come. Since my mother lives in Sweden she can't be a part of that experience and it would seriously suck to do it alone... She is staying until Sunday so I won't get much studio time in between now and then. So it will be late nights all next week. Which isn't bad when you're doing something you truly enjoy. :o)

Oh don't forget to leave your heart at my new shop Nova of Love!

Not cause I am a hardcore collector of hearts (even though they always make me feel warm and fuzzy) but so that you can have a chance to win one of my new fantastic fabric flower hair accessories!
Winner will be randomly selected from all hearts and announced on August 27th.

thank you so much for stopping by
lots of love ~tess

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sometimes I wish I had 8 arms...

After IMG_8
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Two arms to help push myself off the ground when I fall

Two arms to keep reaching forward

Two arms to make magic with silver and stones

Two arms to wrap around you and hold you close

love ~tess

Monday, August 2, 2010

like night and day

can you see it?

the desk... :o)

I even made room for my little photo tent! So I have officially moved out of the dining room.

I love this photo. It's of my mother, when she was 16 years old (I think). Bright red hair and turquoise earrings. She's so beautiful in this picture. She has always been the one person who inspires me the most and I like to think that even though she lives so far away that with this photo she somehow can be there with me when I create.

Nova of love have finally found a home. No more fabric petals all over the house. Now I have a designated space for it. I bought a countertop (well I think it's actually a door or something) from as-is (IKEA) for $2 and Antonius frames and drawers and wire bins. Total cost for the desk and some storage boxes was not more than $50. I thought that was pretty awesome.

I did it! Wiped off every surface and didn't kill myself while inhaling dust :o)

It took the whole weekend but it was worth it. I finally have a space that makes more sense. I know where everything is and it's nice and clean again.

And I managed to get some more inspiration into the studio. Some pretty things that makes me smile.

I feel amazing!

What do you think??? for more photos check out my Flickr site

lots of love ~tess