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Monday, October 24, 2011

an army of angry pumpkins

Nothing says Halloween like an army of angry baby pumpkins on the porch..

My Medusa costume is coming along slowly.
I spent the weekend sewing and scratching my head.
I am not a seamstress (that's for sure).
But at least I wont have to go as a naked Medusa.

David's shark attack is coming along much better.
He is going to look amazing.

How's your Halloween plans coming along?

love ~tess


  1. Love those fanged pumpkins, Tess. And I am sure both of your costumes will be amazing, like everything you guys create. That shark attack thing will be a riot.
    Timely, too...saw on the news that another guy was killed by a shark in Australia this week. Yikes.

  2. Yep...those pumpkins are scary....vampire vegetables....ready to attack in orange. The costumes look fun and creative....especially the shark. I'll be watching scary movies on Halloween or something Ghosthunter...we don't get any trick or treaters....out in the country...i might carve a pumpkin...i do mastercarver pumpkins...they do great designs for jack-o-lanterns. Happy Halloween to Medusa and Shark!

  3. Thank you guys! I know the shark will be awesome. David makes great stuff :)

    Happy Halloween!!


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