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Friday, November 4, 2011

the transformation

I think curlers has a bad reputation. They're kind of cool ha ha

In order to transform one must start with a blank canvas.
In this case it's called white theater make-up.
It's kind of chalky and I am sure it has clogged up my 
pores for months to come.

(did you notice my bloody shower curtain in the background?
I thought it was a nice touch to the party theme he he)

Second stage is scales.
If I tell  you how I made them I'll have to kill you.
Just kidding :) But I spared you the visuals by not taking
a photo. You might think I'm crazy (in case you
haven't already come to that conclusion).

Are you ready?

I squuezed my head into a pair of fish-net stocking...
And used it as a stencil to apply green theater make-up.
Pretty Nifty huh?

 Then eye make-up. Dark is good.

And to complete the transformation I added 
my snakes, and the creepy contacts.

I was pretty happy with how it turned out.
But I have to say I was pretty shocked by the
number of people (when we went out later that night) 
who didn't know who Medusa was.
Something is seriously wrong if you dont know
your Greek mythology. Maybe I am just THAT old. 
But I think you are missing out on some 
great stories.

The drink set up.
Lisa is chilling.

Of course it started snowing 
and the weather was just crazy that night.
But a few brave ones made it to our pre halloween party
and we had such an awesome time.

 And after all the Halloween costume making
it's safe to say that the studio is a wreck.

Yikes. There is stuff everywhere.

I've been playing a lot with clay.
Have a ton of pieces that needs to be glazed and fired.
Sea anemones.

If the colors turns out the way I envisioned
I think this coral reef is going to be amazing.

A bunch of sea anemones waiting for color.

and of course there's some metal coming!

I've had this stone for some time.
It's so beautiful. These pictures don't do my stones
justice. I took them last night with terrible lighting.
I just wanted to show you what I'm working on.

On the flip side rings.

Drool worthy.

And a sugarskull ring and a sugar skull necklace.
Some cleaning up, polishing and a dip in the 
LOS and these are good to go. I'm aiming for an
update sometime next week. I'll keep you posted!

This post got a lot longer than I thought it would.
Guess I had a lot to say today.
Probably cause I have been stuck in my head 
for a few weeks. That happens to me sometimes.
I just get so caught up thinking. Thinking about
everything from; how on earth are we going to fix that
speedometer on my car to what ARE we doing for Christmas?
Lots of other stuff going on as well.
But I'll tell you all about it another day!

I love you. Thank you for being here.
That plus the fact it's Friday makes
me giddy with joy.

Have a fantastic Friday!


  1. The party looks like it was a success! The Medusa transformation is great, the contacts are a good touch. Your skull rings are gorgeous ,my daughter would love them.

  2. The party looks like lots of fun. It was great to see how you achieved your "special" look.

    Love the new pieces...can't wait to see them all finished.

  3. Seriously? There is no excuse in my book not to know who Medusa is! Your studio looks great, and brilliant idea on the scales for your makeup!

  4. Looks like a lovely party Tess!! You looked great!!!!
    And a studio like yours is on my wish

    Have I also told you how much I admire your talent????

  5. You rocked the Medusa look, Tess!!! Looks like a fun party :-)

    Loving all of the new pieces...can't wait to see them finished!

    And your studio... *gasp* Can I come and live there? I promise I'm low maintenance... ;-D


  6. thank you ladies!

    Belinda you can come anytime you want :) I have to warn you though. Its very dusty and cluttered.

  7. Whattyamean don't know who Medusa was?? How can you NOT know who Medusa was? Pfftt..

    Oh and can I PULLEEEZEE have you studio? Kthxbai.


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