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Monday, February 16, 2009

My Little Craft haven

So this is what my studio looks like. I was lucky enough to snag (thank you lovely boyfriend) our guest bedroom and turn it into my craft haven. I am always trying to get better at organizing things and make it more functional.

This is my tiny space for torch enamel. You don't need much space to do enameling though. This works great for what I do. I would love to have a better exhaust fan, than a table fan and an open window.... But for now it works. My wonderful boyfriend also just built me a teak (I know, very fancy) stand for all my enamels so that is going onto the desk shortly.

Do I need to say more? Look at that awesome flex shaft hanger David (boyfriend) made! I can fold it flat against the bookcase if I want it out of the way...
Now we just need to convince him to open a Shop on Etsy and sell them.. Davids favorite saying is something like this:
If you are making something, make sure it's functional. And if you've made something functional don't hesitate to make it beautiful.

This is where the magic happens.. Or the blood sweat and tears.... Usually it looks like butt here but I cleaned it up for you!

 David also set this shipping desk up for me! I got a great workspace and storage with a cheap countertop from IKEA and some Antonius storage bins. It's super efficient to have it all on one place.  This is also where I waste a bunch of time lurking around Etsy's forums...


  1. It looks like a great work space, thanks for sharing it. And what great support you have from another talented artist. Your boyfriend does nice work. He should put his work out there.

  2. Wow, this is fantastic! It's always fun to see where you create - what a great and compact setup! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cherilynn I keep telling him. Our home is full our wonderful things he created!

  4. You are so lucky to have an indoor studio space! I'm in my garage, which works great 6 months out of the year. (Most of the remaining time I'm sweating intensely in the Florida humidity.) Is there anything you would do differently? I ask because I seem to find that I'm at the point where I should probably pull everything out and put it all back where it should go now, instead of stuff getting shoved here and there...

  5. Wow. that's quite the set husband is just starting my workspace.!
    Was linked here from Happyment...she had some of your earings posted which she had bought...
    Beautiful jewellery!

  6. Kathy I actually sat down and planned out where all the furniture would go (together with my trusted IKEA catalog...) before I actually moved in. I think if I would do anything differently I would actually plan out my storage solution better. I have so many drawers full of different stuff it's not even funny... I have to empty all my cabinets and drawers at some point and start over....

  7. Wow Tess, just wonderful! It's my dream to have a work space instead of spread out all over the house. That is inspiring to say the least! Well, I do have a desk, that's a start I guess...


  8. I love studio photos. And you have a great space to work at - and a great boyfriend :). Smiling when I see you also have a Helmer drawer. I keep beads in mine...

  9. I'm so jealous! Mine is in a separate building, and it stays in a total mess! My shipping is done on the kitchen table.

  10. Oh my goodness! Luv your work space! I imagine you just love to get to work with the ease of just starting where you left off :)!


  11. Suzy, IKEA is the best place to get organized.. One of my drawers has beads in it too :o)

  12. Your workspace is MARVELOUS. I would love one as airy and organized as yours. My boyfriend (also David) and I are considering remodeling mine and I'll definitly show him your studio for inspiration. By the way, the Arts and Crafts movement (Tiffany Glass, William Morris, etc) said that Have nothing that you do not believe to be beautiful, and do not know to be functional.


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