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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

These babies spin. Boy do the spin!

Sterling silver pinwheel studs! They are small, comfortable and supercute! Not sure how I feel about someone blowing at your ear though...

A smaller version of my Sterling Silver Pinwheel necklace. This one spins if you blow on it, versus the larger version that couldn't really do that.
Taadaa! Sterling Silver Pinwheel ring.. Oh boy is this fun to play with when you're stuck in boring meetings at work.
And I also upgraded my old Pinwheel earrings so that they now can spin when you blow on them. The more spinning the more fun, right?!
I've had these mapped out in my head forever but never got around making them! I feel like my pinwheel family is more complete now!

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  1. awesome tess - Im gonna have to save up a few pennies and get me a pair of those ( I've also coveted a pair of your sterling flower earrings forever) Just what I need since I love to fiddle with my jewellery!

  2. I love playing with my jewelry too!

  3. oooooooooo you are so very clever. I love them!!!

  4. They are wonderful! Care would adore them (she loves spinny things)!

  5. Love your designs with whirligigs. Makes me smile :)

  6. I love all of 'em. Wonderful :)

  7. thank you guys! I'm just very playful! :o)

  8. Very cool! Thanks for sharing part of your process. It makes them so much neater seeing how they're done!


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