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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What's life without a little bit of romance?

When I first started dating David it was like a whole new world just opened up. In Sweden we don't really date... and no offense to Swedish guys but they don't know how to treat a lady!! David will pull out chairs and still after 4 years he will always open my car door before getting into the car. I know it's rare and trust me I do appreciate it. It's so important and I hope that any guy who reads this will make an extra effort in treating his lady like the lady she is. Cause we love it.

I am probably the most independent strong willed opinionated woman you will ever meet but with simple gestures like that you will make my knees week.. So I want to say thank you to all you wonderful guys out there. You guys are amazing!

in honor of romance!
My Romance necklace with the most amazing crazy lace agate!

and my romance ring with a birds eye ryolite jasper.

I hope you like them :o)



  1. BEAUTIFUL! How sweet that David of yours is! You are so right about the little things that make a difference - too bad so many don't feel the need for it anymore!

  2. awesome-ness runs in your genes

  3. Beautiful pics and stuffses.


  4. You have seduced me... :) I love your clusters of swirly roses!

    Found you husbands gem shop at Etsy yesterday. Going to get my hands on one of those cabochons as soon as Christmas is over.

  5. Thank you guys!

    My husbands? Suzy I think you've confused me with someone else.. I wish David would cut cabs! That would be fantastic..

  6. Ohhh I was just going to ask Tess about Davids other abilities other than cat scratching posts!!!

    Tess your work is so perfectly described here ~ these pieces remind me of a Victorian painting with roses ~ ♥

  7. Jamie has been opening doors for me since the day we met (going on 11 yrs now) ~ it's one of the many ways he shows his love.

    Whenever i see a couple getting in to a car, or walking into a shop etc., and the woman opens her own door, it sort of makes me want to walk over and say something to the guy, hehe...

    Beautiful work BTW! :)

  8. *laugh* I so second you!
    here in Denmark the issue is the same. And guys don't realize how far they'd get by just doing those small things. Deep down, we're actually pretty easy ;-)


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