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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Anniversary Dinner at Morimoto

Me and my wonderful boyfriend David hadn't done anything together in forever so yesterday we decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner for our 3 year anniversary. He has been so fantastic taking care of all the household stuff so that I can focus on my jewelry so I wanted this evening to also be a nice thank you. We got all dolled up and drove down to the swanky Morimoto Restaurant in down town Philadelphia.

The interior is super cool and the colors of the dividers kept changing throughout the evening. David was escpecially fascinated by the cool walls and the wood ceiling.

Here's me sipping on a fantastic White Pear drink. It came with an orchid in it! You got to love that!
We felt really extravagant dining a 7 course chef's choice. One amazing dish after another. We had oysters , kobe beef, sashimi and this fantastic lobster among other dishes. I was so full at the end of the evening I didn't think I would make it into the car. It was a fantastic evening and I am so glad I got to spend it with the love of my life.


  1. What a beautiful restaurant and a handsome couple you make. Is this the Morimoto, Iron Chef?

  2. aww thank you! and yes it's the iron chef's restaurant. He knows his stuff!

  3. You look like a doll!! So sweet. :)

  4. Can't help wanting to ask: The ring on your middle finger, did you make it? I don't recall seeing anything similar in your shop... I love it!!!

  5. Hi hi you think I look like a doll :o)
    How sweet of you!

    I am actually working on a bunch of designs for rings... but I have to try out all designs before I post them in my shop. I want to make sure they act and hold up the way I intended! And in case someone else is reading I should clarify... I don't sell used jewelry, I always keep one of each design for myself!

  6. I said you look like a doll because you do! I'll post classic porcelain doll pictures for some comparison shots to prove my point if I have to!

    So glad to hear of more upcoming new designs... I promise I'll stop squealing so much each time you post new things. ;)


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