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Thursday, April 16, 2009

My tattoo

So I promised I would show my tattoo. The trick was taking a photo of myself (my tattoo sitting on my lower back) without just getting a butt shot! I had this tattoo made in Stockholm more than 10 years ago. Boy does time fly! It's based on a Native American Raven symbol. You might find it weird that a swede gets a tattoo of a Native American Symbol, but the Raven appealed to me in many way. He is somewhat of a shape shifter and sometimes a trickster but there are also great stories in Native American mythology about how the Raven creates the world or how the Raven was the one who brought light in to the darkness. I have never had any regrets of getting it and I never get tired of it (maybe cause I don't really see it that often!). He's been there through good and bad! and in the background you can see my little kittie Lisa lurking around...


  1. It is a great design.

  2. Northwestern native art is a favorite of mine. Good choice.

  3. It's awesome! I have a wolf on my arm and a rose and tribal butterfly on my shoulder blade.


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