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Monday, April 6, 2009

New Brass Flower ring!

I added this little Brass Flower ring to my ever growing collection of lasting flowers. This baby is made from brass sheet that I've hand cut and shaped into a flower. The band is sterling silver..  I'm also wearing my Sprout ring, a new design I've been working on... Coming to my shop shortly!


  1. Yeahhh flowers! Looking forwards to being an avid reader (and always a big fan)! Well done!

  2. Lovely! I *love* the sprout ring, can't wait to see that baby!

  3. I think your lasting flower collection is beautiful. That brass ring is FAB!!! love it.


  4. What a neat flower ring! Keep 'em coming!

  5. hi tess! --- can't wait to see more of the sprout ring, looks lovely!

    I just posted about our great news in my blog! - I'm so happy! :)

  6. Thanks for making stacking rings new! They have become such a cliche.... :)

  7. *waits* for the new brass ring to show up on Etsy FP! :-) Your designs are sooooooo inspiring!

  8. thank you guys! I'm having so much fun with these flowers :o)


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