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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vacation Please

This photo is from our last trip done to Florida to attend Davids brothers wedding. It was so nice to get a way for a little bit and I actually had time to put on some make up!!! It's been really hard to keep up a full time job and a blossoming Etsy Shop and also make time for boyfriend and friends.... The fact that I spent the last 2 days sick in bed hasn't help. After much contemplating and struggle I decided that I really need a break and catch up on life! So on May 18th I'll be putting my shop on vacation for about 4 weeks to rest up. It will so great to be able to play with some of my new materials and create some new designs. And I already have plans for a girls day/night with one of my close friends. So If you don't see me around for a bit that's why!

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