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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Poor Lisa

So my cute little kittie decided to play with a bee.. or wasp.. I'm not sure.. But she was sporting a "boxing glove" a couple of days ago. I am glad to report that the paw is now down to normal size and she is bouncing around all crazy again... But doesn't she look cute with that big paw? :o)


  1. aww... look at them little feets. so cute!!! glad its all better though!

  2. Doesn't she look like a rabbit when she sits? :o)

  3. WoW that paw is huge, poor kitty kat!! glad she's feeling herself again!

  4. awe poor thing! My dog tucker ate a bee not too long ago and wimpered all night. It was so aweful to watch i felt so bad for the little guy!

  5. very lovely Nova:) good wishes for Lisa:)


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