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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wedding gifts..

My dear friend Nicole is getting married this weekend. And I am going to her wedding in Atlanta! So I decided to skip the usual gifts and made something for them that they can keep forever! I made a pair of cuff links for David and a necklace for Nicole. You can see the whole (well almost) process on my Flickr. I really hope they'll like their gifts!


  1. VERY lovely!! Will have to check in to flickr one night this week to see the process.

    Enjoy the wedding!!


  2. I just made necklaces for bridesmaids who are in my friends' wedding. I made the maid of honor a pair of earrings too, they match the pattern on her dress. Since my present to them was to make these pieces for free I felt badly that they didn't have anything to keep so I made the bride a pair of earrings too. It is fun being a jeweler!

  3. They are both gorgeous! I am wishing I was the bride, the necklace is just outstanding Tess. Have a wonderful time in Hot-Lanta!

  4. thank you Janice. I am really starting to take more photos of the whole process. It's also nice to have and look back at once a piece is gone.

    kim I know, It's so much fun to be able to make something yourself. Something they can hold on to forever to remember their special day by.

    Thank you Lisa! I am still pretty new to setting stones and kind of learning through trial and error.. hee hee. sometimes you get lucky I guess :o) I am hoping it won't be too crazy hot.. That's one of the reasons I moved to Philly. Us Swedes don't do so well at melting point...

  5. You just keeping pumping out more amazing stuff every time you sit down at that bench!

  6. Tess! omgosh they are outstanding, I just looked at your Etsy shop and THIS popped out!
    Oly Crikey! It is STUNNING! Long time since the team! *hugs*

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