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Friday, February 5, 2010

friday fruits from the nova forest

and tasty ones I might add!
I have a couple of yummy treasures fresh from the nova forest. The purple ring is a custom order but the rest is up for grabs..... but you better be fast, the last update didn't make it through the weekend! :o)

Oh I am excited about this one.. Might not be your everyday ring... But it's sure one of a kind. Like one of those amazing ideas that sometimes sprouts in your mind. This one is for ladies with big minds and little fingers. Like 5 3/4..

funny that's my size..

Hmmm NO I shouldn't... so tempting...

Ok fine, I'll share it with you! In my shop tomorrow... well today, but I am up REALLY late and I still haven't gone to bed, so for me it's tomorrow...



  1. Everything is beautiful, especially the one of a kind ring! Wow!

  2. seriously love them!

  3. That is a great ring. Don't know about the aestetics (loving your juicy green pieces more), but I adore it for it's symbolism!


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