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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We woke up on Saturday to 18 inches of snow.. David (florida boy) was mighty impressed. I do believe there is a couple of photos on my camera that has his tape measure stuck in the snow so he could send photos home and prove how much snow we got! :o)

I love the weekends cause we get to eat breakfast together. It's a mix of american and swedish.. I drink tea and eat crispbread or dark toast with cottage cheese and tomatoes and cucumber while David eats eggs and bacon and toast.. But he does love the swedish breakfast too and I'll trade him some of my sandwich for some bacon.. And yes Lisa is supervising the breakfast making.

so while we're snowed in I spent yesterday in the studio. ( hours straights!). Got some custom orders started and a bunch of other pieces. Did you hear that I was asked to participate in a local fashion photo shoot. It's for local magazines and pretty small but I am super excited! So that's why I've kicked nova in high gear to get some new pieces finished. Photo shoot is scheduled for this upcoming Thursday so you'll hear more about it then..

and now it's brekkie time! Hope you all have a super wonderful day out playing in the snow or being creative inside.

love ~tess


  1. Hi Tess
    I'm loving the way you sketch around the chosen stones - what a very hands-on and illustrative way of working :-)

  2. I draw so much of inspiration from the stones I find that it helps to sketch around them. But then I always improvise a bit when it comes to actually making the pieces. Got to leave some room for spontaneity :o)

  3. Blimey you are productive Tess ~ I can't wait to see them finished :D


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