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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

wedding wednesday's

bridesmaid jewelry
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Of course I have to make the jewelry for my lovely bridesmaids!

So many choices. So many gorgeous delicious stones to choose from...
But I finally landed on sea foam chalcedony. I just love the color and the transparency of the stone. There is something wonderfully glowing about it. I am drawn to it. And I bought a ton of them. I just couldn't help myself. They all spoke to me..

And no I don't have THAT many bridesmaids! Only four wonderful ladies :o)

I am thinking of making 4 different but similar necklaces. Maybe I use four different shaped stone? I have pear, teardrops, marquise and ovals. I am still sketching out designs that I have to show you another Wednesday. I am definitely thinking some rose, vine embellished design. Something whimsical yet romantic.

... I still have to figure out what I am wearing as far as jewelery... funny how that seem to be so much harder to decide on... I am thinking earrings but probably not a necklace.. I usually don't wear a lot of necklaces... with the exception of a fantastic little jointed brass tail/claw thing I got in a charmswap on Etsymetal, ( made by the amazing Vic from ). But as much as I love it I think it will clash with my dress LOL

Today I'll also be shipping out one bridesmaid dress to Sweden! The dress is a peridot green (which is more like a cross between the sea foam and sage green) and I think it will look amazing on her. Johanna is one of my best friends and she is expecting her first baby and it's due around my birthday (which is coming up quickly)! So we'll see if the dress or the baby arrives first! :o)

Have a wonderful day my lovely friends!
Thank you for taking this wedding journey with me.


  1. The chalcedony is beautiful! Like little droplets of water :)

  2. thank you. I am quite smitten by them :o)

  3. This is my favorite color chalcedony. The bridesmaids should be quite pleased!


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