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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wedding wednesday's

Bridal crown full view
Originally uploaded by novadesigns by tess

yep I am gonna wear a crown.
Why not? It's the only time in your life where you can wear one without looking ridiculous. :o)

I made this one for a dear friend of ours when she got married. She wore her hair in a tussled (sp?) updo with the crown sitting around it. It looks fantastic with her dark hair.

I am going to make a much smaller crown. A little princess crown to sit on top of my head. In silver. Maybe with some filigree roses. Maybe with some flush set stones... I haven't completely decided on how it will look. I have a couple of sketches but I am not ready to share them with you just yet..

To maybe explain the whole crown thing I should mention that it is an old tradition in Sweden for a bride to wear a crown. My brothers wife wore one and she looked so beautiful.

I just have to figure out how it will work with a veil and all.. So much to take in consideration. I definitely do not want to look like I am going to a costume party dressed up like a princess!

I'd love to hear what you guys looked like when you got married :o)
puss & kram (kiss & hug in swedish)


  1. It is your day! If you desire a crown, then you shall have one!

  2. Tess, why shouldn't you wear a crown on your wedding day! I know you will look beautiful :-)

    I was dressed very simply for my wedding in Fiji (nearly five years ago!). A simple dress, a dangly pair of earrings, and a pair of high heels which I cast off before we went walking along the beach after the ceremony :-))) You can see what I wore in this blog post about our three year anniversary:

  3. You guys are beautiful together! Ahh what a wonderful post. Made me all teary eyed too.

  4. such a lovely crown...i love the idea of a silver one...


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