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Monday, May 9, 2011

chipotle truffles and tulle

What do you do when your fiancee takes off for a bachelor weekend?
(you walk around with your veil on all day of course)

 Besides walking around wearing tulle I also tried to be 
productive and finish up some of the projects that is on the giant
to-do-list. Like a ring pillow with two little birdies.

I made a million truffles. 
Well maybe not a million but it felt like it.
And I only ate 6. 
I had to make sure that they taste good.

Chipotle, raspberry and peppermint.
They are scrumptious.

 Played around with makeup.
Took a ton of pictures of myself 
to see what it would look like.

Stressed out a bit.
Missed David.

Started cleaning the house.
Almost died or boredom.

Ate another chipotle truffle.

Forgot to feed Lisa on time.
She is such a drama queen.

12 days to go!
love ~tess


  1. Tess, I was thinking of you just yesterday and wondering how long to go until your big day :-) I am so excited for you!!! Those truffles look delicious! And your make-up looks perfect :-) It is going to be the ultimate fairytale wedding!


  2. Gosh, you sure are multi talented! Those chocolates look just like from a chocolatier! Great job! I used to be a pastry chef and I know how much work that includes! Love the kiddie picture! Priceless!

  3. Eeek everything is starting to come together isn't it?

  4. How exciting it is so close! Those truffles look so yummy. I love the simple pop of color on them.

  5. How excited you must be!! You look gorgeous in your make-up; the truffles look amazing, and as for the "drama queen" - she looks a lot like Sammy does when he's sleeping.

  6. Lord have mercy someone even found a way to put chipotle on truffles and tulle, lol. Even the cat was floored, lol.


  7. This post really made my day. You look fab, I do fancy at least 5 truffles and Lisa the cat is the best!

  8. You're a chocolatier too?! How many talents can one woman possess? And I swear- Lisa and my Georgia must be long lost relatives! But we love our little drama mamas, no?;)

  9. Oh Tess you look beautiful and thats without the crown and the dress ~ do you know I am going to be on my holidays when you get married but I will raise a glass to you and David and will be coming back to check on here to see if there are any pictures xxx

  10. thank you so much ladies! You are making me blush!


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