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Thursday, May 5, 2011

something new

David and would very much like to have  house of our own. 
Not just rent something. 
But to actually buy something. 
Claim it. Make it ours. 
Rip down walls and change out floor. 
Go a  little crazy maybe.

We are lucky. 
We rent an amazing house with an amazing yard.
It's magical and very private.
It suits us.
But it doesn't suit our wallets.
And it doesn't fit the dream of buying a house 
when the wallet is always empty.
Makes saving really hard.

A difficult decision was made.
We found a new house for rent.
Compromises was made.
David is willing to give up up his studio
for a two car garage.
It will be a snug fit.
I told you he has tons of tools didn't I?

It's sunny. Feels warm.

Hardwood floors.
A sigh of relief. Carpet makes me gag.

 Hey it's got a fireplace!

But two bedrooms instead of 3.
Where will my studio be?

 A crazy little owl watching outside.

Found stairs hidden behind a door.
This looks interesting.

Oh honey,
I think we just found my new studio space!

July 1st we move

love ~tess


  1. Looks great, Tess....can't wait to see how you lay out your studio!

  2. It looks lovely. The fun part will be the packing and unpacking!!!

  3. That looks like a killer studio space!

  4. New house looks amazing! And studio space - superb!
    Sometimes we need to downsize in order to achieve something in the future :)
    And as I always say: people make home, not walls, so I am sure you will be happy in the new pad.
    Best wishes Tess!

  5. Congrats on the move! It looks really's always so exciting to make something new "yours" so have fun with it!
    Hubby and I are in the same boat on the buying front and I can totally understand how hard it is to save when you are paying off someone elses mortgage...we can't wait to some day tear apart a place and make it our very own...but for now we rent and for now we have to make it home!

  6. sweet little house, tess! nice front porch, too.

  7. It looks like such a charming space! I love the new studio! Good luck with the move.

  8. Thank you ladies! I am so excited about the studio space. It will hopefully mean I can get more organized and be able to spend more time working in it than trying to find things :o)

  9. It looks great and you will have a great studio space my friend!


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