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Monday, August 29, 2011

strong winds and shades of white

We prepared for Irene

David was kind enough to let me set up camp in the basement,
even though he probably thought I was crazy. 

Hey I am swedish! 

If someone says Hurricane. I'll take cover.
Luckily we could stay safe (and comfortable in our beds).
Only some big broken branches in the yard but no flooding or power outage.
I hope all of you are safe and sound as well.

Last weekend it was snowing upstairs...

...the nasty kind that gets everywhere.
The kind that makes you wonder if you are 
a complete idiot for not covering the floors.
Thew kind that takes hours of mopping 
and scrubbing to get rid of...

This week there was a different shade 
of white on our mind... 

but there can only be one...

and Betsy's linen was the right kind of white!

I can see it starting to come together now.
My work benches are being built this week...
I am so excited!!

Lisa is just tired as usual... 

I have to apologize for missing my 
promised upcoming shop update.
I'm gonna wait until the pieces are done
and then announce a day. 

Right now I have to focus on getting 
our home and my studio set up.

Thank you for being so fabulous!

love ~tess


  1. Oh, my - I really like how your studio is coming together step by step! Like it a lot already now!

    In the future when the studio is finished, you could make a post where pictures Before and After are posted. People will see a huge difference! HUGE!

    At first I thought that it's not gona be so nice because of the small windows and lack of natural light but Betsy's linen is doing miracles!
    Nice job! :)

  2. We've started my work tables and are almost finished with the soldering station now. When everything is done I will make another blog post for sure!

  3.'s looking great!! I am getting jealouser and jealouser...

  4. Og gosh Tess I'm glad you guys are okay, your new studio looks fantastic I bet you're champing at the bit



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