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Friday, September 2, 2011

weird & wonderful

It was really starting to get to me.
Not having my soldering station set up.
Not making things.

I wake up thinking about shapes, colors, designs.
I go to sleep thinking about it...
and then I continue in my dreams.

make make make make make

It's who I am.
And when I can't make things I go a bit nuts.

Lately I have been homesick too.
Missing the ocean.
Feeling trapped in a country who doesn't believe in 
sidewalks, long vacations or clean air.
I know that's not really fair but it's how I've been feeling.

I found some ceramic clay 
Or maybe it found me.
It felt good.
Making things again.


I went a little nuts. 


May I introduce Mr Barnacle?
I think he's kind of sexy :)

I squeezed the clay between my fingers.
I poked, prodded and smiled (a lot).
My heart was singing as these weird & wonderful
sea creatures took shape.

They evolved


the first babies


second generation


third generation
born with a lot more attitude!


I left my initials with each
creature to remind them where they came from.

And I smiled to myself when I realized how
pretty my new initials look...

Now they just need to get dry behind their ears 
before we can play dress up. 
I'm thinking a lot of aqua.

love ~tess


  1. Wow! That looks like a lot of fun, working with clay! The outcome of those little creatures are so cool! Nice work! Will you be glazing them?
    Sorry to hear that you are home sick! Hope it passes! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you :)
    Yes I bought a bunch of different glazes, but the box broke in shipping so now I have to wait for them to reship.. such a bummer.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

  3. So cool! Are you going to fire them in your kiln? I will love you forever if you'll tell me how you did it! My daughter is a clay fiend, and I have no clue how to fire her creations, and I just dont have the strength to figure it out! Can't wait to see them finished!

  4. Amy of course! Unless I blow them up. Then I will tell you what not to do. I have never done this before so it will be an experiment... I will get back to you when I've tried it!

  5. What not to do is good too! :-). Thanks!

  6. Tess, oh my gosh these are fabulous!! And you know, my first thought was, 'How cool would these look in metal clay!' LOL

    I can totally imagine Mr Barnacle re-created in metal clay and adorning one of your beautiful that would be a ring with attitude! ;-D


  7. Belinda thank you!
    I was thinking about silver clay too. This is a much cheaper way to experiment ;) We'll see where it takes me. The journey is the fun part!

  8. Tess...those are so amazing...they do look like little sea creatures...none of which I would like to step on. Can't wait to see them finished. I agree with Belinda...they would make an adorable ring or necklace or have lots to do :-).

  9. Sandi ~ thank you so much. My stepfather stepped on a seaurchin years ago. He was in so much pain and it took forever to get the little spikes out from his foot!

    A-K ~ ♥ tack sa mycket

  10. Ohhh I adore setting ceramic cabs as you know Tess ~ soooooo if you ever want to share ;0)

    Is there anything you can't do???


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