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Monday, January 26, 2009

Wonderful Winterland Sweden

I just had to show you how beautiful Sweden can be in the wintertime. David and I flew over to spend christmas with my family this year and this is what met us.... arriving at my mothers home in Sundsvall Sweden. David is from Florida and it's safe to say that he doesn't have much experience with snow. He was like a kid playing in the snow!

David was taking pictures of everything. Including my mothers mail box (in the middle). I have to say that I am happy that he did cause we got some amazing pictures!

Here's the view from my mothers window. Her home is right by a beautiful lake called Sidsjon. The red house in the background is newly built. Before we were able to see the lake from her window.... Looking at all these pictures is making me a little home sick... I miss my mom. She is a wonderful artist! Make sure to check out her art on her website! I do have to let you know that she has some mature paintings.. She works with textiles and paints with acrylics. Two very different styles but both awesome. My mom is definitely the coolest :o)


  1. Looks beautiful. Well, just like you, I am from Philadelphia and seems like we are going to get some snow tonight too :).
    By the way, your jewlery is gorgeous!!!

  2. Sweet pics, will check out her art! Hope you aren't too too home-sick! (i visited Sweden back when i was about 12, it was so pretty)

  3. Tess, how pretty your Moms place is. Your mother is a very talented artist too! You are making me think about starting a blog. Your bridal crowns are something. Are they traditional to Sweden? I have never seen them before.

  4. Hi Julia! You should definitely start a blog. It's much easier than I thought. I don't think the crowns are traditional to Sweden, I just happen to like them. I got an idea in my head and I couldn't find anything similar for sale online so I figured why not make them myself!


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