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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bridal Crowns!

So I started designing these bridal crowns a while back and then I sort of ran out of time... Too busy finishing up orders from my Etsy Shop. But now it has slowed down and I thought I should finish up some of the crowns I have been working on. I named this crown Nordic Princess and I have it listed on Etsy.

I created this beauty for my friend Natasha who got married last November. She has dark hair so we decided that gold would compliment her better. This version also has freshwater pearls, tons of swarowski crystals and a beautiful creamy pink keshi pearl at each tip. I will be listing another more simple design shortly so keep your eyes open!


  1. Interesting! Do you have pictures on a model? How do they work with a veil?

  2. I do have a picture from my friends wedding that I need to locate and post! You could attach a veil to the back of the crown with no problems. But whenever I work with a bride we come up with some drawings based on what she had in mind and if she already has a veil we work that into the drawing. The crowns can be made in a lot of different sizes to and you can wear them in a lot of different ways. My friend wore her hair in a "messy" bun and the crown sat around the hair. So you don't have to wear it "princess style" on top of your head!

  3. How cute!! they look very fairy tail like

  4. Very pretty!!! I just looked at the listing in your Etsy shop and like the way you laid our your photos showing different close up details, you really did use a lot of crystals!!! Good luck with these, hope they make it into the Wedding GG! :-)


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