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Monday, January 19, 2009


This being my first Valentine on Etsy I decided to do some heart related designs... I know it's so not me.. But they have kind of grown on me. I like the Burnt Enameled Heart the most. I've been wearing mine at work and gotten so many compliments!


  1. Hi! I saw your thrread in etsy and voted in your poll :) Cool blog btw

  2. Very pretty! Wthat is the heart made of, is that enamel???

  3. thanks guys! My first comments on my little blog ;o)

    The heart is an enameled copper heart that I soldered to the brass locket.

  4. Does the enamel stay in place when you solder? if so oooo I want to learn!!!

  5. I use a supereasy solder and it melts at a lower temperature than the enamel so I didn't have any problems. I wasn't sure if it would work either but hey! No guts no glory, right!

  6. Tess, those enameled valentine heart necklaces are just perfect! Adorable yet not cutesy! Thank you so much for the little heart studs too!


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