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Monday, November 23, 2009

cause sometimes you just need a little time-out

lately I've been feeling stresses.. and rushed.. to do more, to finish things, to start working out again... to cook better and healthier food. .. to work harder... to make those 24 hours seem like 48... and let me tell you something...


So I decided to stop. Put myself on a time-out.. I needed to not be in the studio. To not be in front of my computer as much (well I still have to at work.. or they'd fire me..).. I needed to organize my home and my life cause I don't function well in clutter. I took tons of clothes and shoes to goodwill. I cleaned and it felt GOOD!

David and I went for long long walks.. We let the sun kiss our faces and took deep calming breaths of fresh air. I let the nature embrace me and I looked at all the beautiful things around us. I allowed myself to be inspired. It is so easy to forget the good things when there are so much not so good things going on around you..

We walked and walked.. We stopped to look at tiny little things... And bigger beautiful creatures. And I must have saved at least 6 little caterpillars from being stepped on by moving them off the path... I saw patterns and textures. I saw cotton for the first time.. At least that's what David said it was. All I know it was so soft I wanted to wrap it all around myself as a protective layer and wear it everywhere.So here we are. A new day. A fresh start. A refreshed tess. I feel good and I hope you all do to!



  1. Everything is soo pretty! I wish I could even get out of the house for a long walk - it has poured rain here for weeks - so dreary! It really looks pristine and beautiful where you are - so glad you got a chance to take advantage of it!

  2. Nice scenery your way - it's been dreary here in North Carolina for the last few days. I noticed that your pinwheel earrings made it to the Etsy GG - it must be nice to get noticed by Etsy!

  3. Good for you! We all need to get away sometimes. The images are beautiful!

  4. Recharging and rejuvenating are so important in ones BALANCING their artful life. That's what I'm doing this week, and spending time with family, of which I'm grateful for.

    Happy Thanksgiving Tess! :-)


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