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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thoughts from my stairs

The house next to mine is an old deserted church. Sometimes I sit on my stairs and gaze at it. It's beautiful. All the leafs covering the ground as a yellow carpet. The playground is so quiet and forgotten. My stairs is a good place to sit and dream for a bit. Just to be. Not to worry about everything that might be going on and all the musts that I somehow accumulated while growing up. The stairs is also a good play to be when you are trying to avoid doing the dishes.

This is where Lisa gets her quiet time. On my old armchair next to my little office area. This is where she dreams of catching mice or whatever little kitties dream of. Not sure if she is actually sucking on her thumb on this photo. Does kitties have thumbs?

And this is where I get back to reality.. Oh my.. I have a ton of stones that are begging for a home. But first I have to fill some orders for novadesigns. And then I get to play. Maybe I'll just go and sit on my stairs for a while. Just for a little bit...


  1. How beautiful and creepy at the same time to be next to a church that is abandoned. Too bad you can't live in that, it even comes with it's own stables and ponies that will never grow old!

    Freakin' Lisa, must be nice! She is so cute.

  2. Wow - Oh Tess I wish I was as organized as you!
    I grew up next to a church - mind you it wasn't beautiful like that one is!

  3. Ohhhh! It looks like a castle! How beautiful.. And you are so organized with your stones! I bet it's really nice to work that way. I wouldn't know.....:)

  4. That old church is beautiful!!! Are there graves? (i like OLD graves, they're interesting to read) You have a nice spot to ponder and reflect!
    Tess, one of your rings is in the one of a kind GG, it's stunning too!
    Enjoy your orders and have fun 'playing' with metal in between.

  5. No there's no graves Care! I think that would be too creepy for me. Too much presence of the afterlife lurking around. That photo is just showing a third of the church. It's massive and has huge beautiful windows and doors. I wish I was rich so I could buy it and move in. I would turn half of into studio's for me and all you lovely ladies when you come and visit... and then we could sit in the courtyard and drink wine, eat cheese and talk all night long :o)

  6. Oh my goodness ~ what i would give to live there! I love beautiful old architectures.

    Your kitty looks like a lil sweet ♥

    You sure won't run out of stones any time soon eh? :)

  7. I would LOVE to come by and smith with you and everyone else!!! Now I'm more curious about the church than ever, no graves? Is that an old playground? I wonder who owns it? (I like old buildings too!)

  8. No graves! And the playground belongs to the church. If I get a chance I will take more photos to show you guys!


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