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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just one of those days....

I spent the majority of the day in my studio.. Trying to save some pieces I've been working on. It was one of those days where bezels got melt, things popped off when they weren't supposed to and nothing really worked out the way I wanted.. Boo :o(
So David and I went for a little walk so I could clear my mind and not throw a temper tantrum. And I managed to take those photos of the church next to me, that I promised you!
I told you it was HUGE!!
I just love the window and the red door... I am curious to what it looks like on the inside..

And this is not the church but it is my neighbor!! I know! It's crazy but this castle is just across the street from my home.. It's amazing.. One day I will have a castle too..

And I know I've told you that my kittie Lisa is a little special but now I have proof.. Lately she's been having this great idea that it looks so nice and cozy on my and Davids back... so she'll just jump up. Like a back-back or something. I know you all wish you had yourself a little Lisa.. but I'm sorry there is only one of her and she's mine! ;o)

I did manage to finish 2 smaller rings (sorry Gabby, the butterfly is laying on the operation table and is in critical condition.. Not sure if she'll pull through..) so I'll try to take pics and list them tomorrow.

Now I need to lay on the sofa and drink a beer. And mentally prepare to go to boring work tomorrow...


  1. Oh my gosh that church is amazing! You need to live in that I swear.

    Bummer about the butterfly, maybe she wasn't meant to be :( But I am patiently waiting for the others (taps foot)

    Can I borrow Lisa for a while? :)

  2. I agree with Gabby - that church is beautiful! I love all the little yellow and red leaves popping out from it here and there. The one my parents live next to is so boring by comparison, its too modern and symmetrical looking.

    As for Lisa - I think she may the only kittie that Tucker could have a crush on lol He likes to get up on your lap and put each paw on a shoulder like he is hugging you hehehe.

  3. inspiration right outside your door. lovely!

  4. That is so funny about the butterfly on the operating table, it happens to all of us hon! Hope today is better! :-)

    The church is SO beautiful,do you have the name and date of it? Also, aside from Lisa on your beloved being SO CUTE, I was wondering why you keep 2 clocks set at different times? Sweden and US?

    good luck you'll make gorgeous pieces Tess

  5. thank you for your encouraging words on the butterfly.. I think I might be able to save her.. I just need to come up with a game plane..

    Gabby I am just waiting for the sun to get higher on the sky and I'll take pics, they are just two simple rings..

    Care I'm not sure, it hasn't been an active church for as long as I've been here and I haven't seen a date anywhere on it. I'll keep looking though!

    Yes two clocks to keep me grounded and remind me of home. :o)

  6. I love the church and the castle! Your surroundings are gorgeous! What an inspiration, and you will have your own castle some day!

  7. Wonderful pics of the church with the bright leaves! I hope the butterfly makes it...i know what those days are like. My grandma loved to take us on church tours when we would visit her in London...they have some fascinating details!


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