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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My mother Eva

My mother is an amazing woman. She taught me so much. She was a single mother with 3 children. An artist that struggled but never gave up. She was always creating and I am so grateful that I was surrounded by all that beauty growing up. All our walls were covered with her art and it's safe to say that she has had a huge impact on me. On how I am as a person and why I am where I'm at right now. She always encouraged me to spread my wings and see the world. She said I could be anything I wanted and I could do anything I wanted to do. The world was out there, just waiting. I am very lucky to have such a mother.

Så tack mamma. Tack för allt. Jag älskar dig!
Here's some of her art (the two first are textiles and the rest are paintings), but you can see more if you click here. or on this link.


  1. Wow. these are so pretty the last painting is my favorite! I want to go where ever that is!

  2. I love her fantasy paintings too. And her crazy space flowers.. I had a very vivid imagination as a child. I constructed a whole world based on her paintings. I had friends or creatures that lived in that world..

    I just reread what I wrote and I must have been a very odd child.. LOL

  3. Wow, Tess she is incredibly talented! It runs in your genes :-)

  4. oh what a nice compliment Jaime.. I have to show you my paintings next LOL

  5. It means you were very creative and awesomely enough your mother sounds very encouraging and loving!


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