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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Custom Dream Catcher Necklace
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I am still around! I've been focusing on working in my studio and not so much on blogging! I finished this custom necklace for a lovely lady and I have 3 more custom rings in the works. When I get busy like this I tend to get a little stressed out. It's always hard to find that balance between my work and my life. I think all of us who plays with fire and metal knows how draining that creative muse can be. Wonderful but sometimes also draining..

So tonight after work is our second Date Night! It's my turn to plan and since the sun is shining outside I am planning a picnic. I am getting some yummy food and wine for me and David. We have this wonderful park right by our house so I figured we would walk over and bring some blankets. Nothing beats sitting outside in the sun with your loved one :o)

Oh and I am so bringing the Kubb. Kubb? you say. What is that?
Well it's the best Swedish outdoor game ever! It's an old viking game made of wooden blocks and dowels. Whenever we have bbq's at our house I always make people play kubb. It's so much fun. I'll take some photos for all of you curious ones.

I hope you're all doing well and that you get to enjoy the sunshine today!
love ~tess


  1. Oh have fun!! It is way to rainy here for picnics - I wanna know about Kubb too!

  2. congratulations on the influx of custom orders! Enjoy your picnic!!!!

  3. Have a lovely picnic! Enjoy the sun rays!


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