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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Date night and Kubb!

So yesterday was our date night and it was my turn to plan... I opted for our backyard instead of going to the park.
David was a good sport and enjoyed the wine with the strawberry. He did try and stick it up his nose at some point but I'll spare you the pictures ha ha... Ok so what about the beard? It's read which is cool but I think I am kind of over it now... He's been saving it since last November.. and I hate to break it to him but I don't think it will ever grow fully in. He has such a baby face. Xoxo
So to the Kubb game! I started out strong. I used to be really good at it.. and I really thought I had it.. but what happened?
Hmm someone made a strong comeback and whopped my butt.. I say he must have cheated when I wasn't looking. Or I swear he had screwed his little wooden blocks to the ground so they wouldn't fall even when I did hit them. I love this game though. So simple yet so much fun. You can play on grass, sand or whatever you've got. To learn more about Kubb click here!
After being defeated in Kubb I pouted for a bit... and David made an awesome fire. David knows how to make the best fires. That's why camping with him is a wonderful experience. We're actually trying to pencil in a weekend for some tent living, freeze dried food and hiking adventures..

I set the table and we enjoyed a really good late night dinner with BBQ and salad, strawberries and handmade whipping cream, watching the flames dance around and feeling the warmth on our faces. It was so romantic and we both needed a night like this. Now I can't wait until next Date Night!

I hope you all had a wonderful night too
love ~tess


  1. You have remind me that we do have a patio and need to enjoy it more this Spring! And we will have to learn Kubb too (my step-daughters and their spouses love to play games and it would be fun to teach them one for a change) sounds like great fun ...thanks for sharing!(I'm a big fan of your designs!)

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful date night. I think it's a great idea!

  3. That sounds like a lovely time ! Sorry you lost at Kubb. Maybe I should teach my son how to play. It looks like fun!

  4. Ohh I may get dh to set up a game of Kubb ~ its too cold to sit out here in the UK yet but we often sit around our chiminea with a glass of *something* ;)

  5. It was wonderful to spend the evening outside!

    and I just came in from eating dinner outside again!

    I am so happy spring is here!!


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