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Thursday, April 8, 2010

dreaming of wedding colors...

I know it's over a year away.. but I like to plan.. make lists... and be prepared... Did I mention that I am extremely organized? well I am.. You wouldn't think so if you saw all my clothes scattered across the bedroom.. completely covering my ab lounge I bought in a weak moment years ago (hey it works great for collecting your clothes...)

I found a seller named mollusa on Etsy that mades amazing cluthes. Her feedback score isn't the best but buyers only complaints was about slow shipping times and I figured I'd give her a chance since my wedding is so far away.. Plus she was the only seller on Etsy that made clutches that didn't feel like grandma or with big bows on them...

So tonight I put together this little color collection for her. I am going to mail it out tomorrow!
We're going for a romantic forest fairytale wedding. And we definitely want to have it outside! Yay! bugs and grass here I come :o)

I really like that silver green color (not sure what to call it... I know there are succulent plants with that color...) and blush pinks. I think they will work great for flowers and everything else. I couldn't commit to just one color so I am going for more of a "feeling" that I hope to convey with them. I;m trying to see if the colors are showing right on the photo but it's hard to tell from here... plus it's late.. past midnight..

Time to wake David up from the sleeping on the sofa and drag him to bed...

Goodnight! Thank you for stopping by
love ~tess


  1. Hehehe you and I are so alike - I make lists for everything, and love planning and organizing things, but you would never know by looking at the tornado that sometimes hits my bench and room lol
    Really pretty colours - very you!

  2. ha ha lists rock!
    thank you, I really like them.


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