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Monday, April 26, 2010

midnight rants and a whole lot of jewelry

David and I was working on finalizing guest lists and chewing over budget for caterers and tents and stuff. Phew.. It's a lot to think about and it's also a lot of money. David and I will be paying for the whole thing ourselves so it's important that we try to save as much money as possible. So from now on any purchases made in my shops will go directly to "david & tess's special day" little piggy bank! So I wanted to take this opportunity and thank all you lovely ladies who have been supporting me so far. It really does mean the world to me. And without you my special day probably wouldn't be all that special...

So I almost spent the whole weekend in my studio but I've got a lot of nice things to show for it!

I still need to tumble, oxidize and set stones but I promised you a sneak peak so here we go!

are you ready?

Ok it's a lot!

and here's some closer pics on some of them. If you wanna see closer pics of all them go to my flickr page!

A Spring window ring.
Look at that stone! It looks so good I want to eat it. Just nibble a little bit on one of the corners maybe...

Victorian Ladies :o) I know there are some waiting patiently for a Victorian lady of their own... and here are two bold ladies who will make an appearance in my shop on Tuesday.

Rays of sunshine necklace..
I am excited about this one. David said it looked like a bug and he's kind of right... But I think when the stones are set together with some small gemstone and draping chains it not gonna look like a bug anymore :o)

I hope..

Taadaaa!!! My very first shawl pin. Just picture it oxidized with the stone set.. It's gonna look so snazzy (is that even a word?). I must make more of these guys. Maybe a whole series!

Ok so there is your sneak peak. I hope you like what you see! I will finish them and have a shop update this tuesday. I'll try and take new photos of them and post here for you to see tomorrow read Monday... Yikes it's late!!

I have to go to bed pronto!

Good night my friends!
love ~tess


  1. Holy Cow! Those are lovely and there are a lot of them!! Very nice work!!

  2. WOW! That sure is a whole lotta yumminess! Totally dig that shawl pin, it's beautiful!


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