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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I can still feel...

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the sun on my face...

You will just have to bear with me for a few days while I still daydream of Sweden.. I promise I will snap out of if soon.. A little it anyways.

I have to take some pictures of my little garden and show you. When we came back the tomatoes had grown to some monster plants and are HUGE. My cilantro unfortunate I think have died. And the deer ate all my lettuce and broccoli leafs... But the rest seem to be thriving!

Yesterday we picked up the p90x exercise where we left off. Arms and shoulders.. Sore today.. But it feels good to be back. I have two weeks before my friend Harsha comes over. We are going to NY to go dress shopping.. Very scary indeed. Need to work on that muffin top :o)

Lots of love!

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