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Monday, July 26, 2010

wedding shoes

I think I've landed on these..

I like the way they look with the open toe and they're also low heeled with is a must for me and my poor feet. I wish I could have beautiful high heels but I wouldn't last more than 5 minutes in shoes like that. Besides I'm getting married in the backyard so a stiletto would only get stuck in the grass! I hope that these heels will be ok though...

I ordered them online and they should arrive any day now! I needed to get a pair of shoes before the 5th, which is when I'm getting dress shopping with my friend Harsha! I'm so excited and nervous. I've been slacking with my p90x and put on a few more pounds during vacation but I am gonna do my best to shed some before next week.

I will of course have to add some details to them. I'm thinking some pretty flower shoe clips to spruce things up. I love wedding shoes that shows unique quirky details :o)

What are you up to this lovely Monday?

love ~tess

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