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Friday, July 23, 2010

Save the dates in progress

Save the dates in progress
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Yesterday David and I finally sat down and almost finished our save the dates. It was a lot more work than I initially had thought. But I guess whenever you have to make multiples time adds up quickly.

We wanted to do something ourselves and not buy or order ready made save the dates. We're both very crafty and wanted to add our personal touch to them. If I may say so myself I think we've succeeded!

We're doing one english and one swedish version. I'm not showing you a finished save the date just yet.. I want it to be a surprise for our guests and I know a lot of them read my blog (sneaky sneaky) so I will wait to post pictures until after we've sent them out :o) I think they are a lot of fun and I hope my guests thinks so too.

This weekend I'll spend some time in the studio with metal and fire. I hope to squeeze in some softer stuff as well. Yesterday after we had finished working on save the dates I started pulling some flowers together. I just love layering petals together and watch them take shape. It's hard cause I want to keep them all for myself ;o) But I would look like I am walking around with a whole flower shop on my head so I better share them with all of you..

You better heart my new shop so you can find it quickly for my grand opening August 20th.

I hope you'll all have a fantastic Friday and remember to put some sun block on this Saturday. I heard it's gonna be like 103 here in Philly.. *sigh* like the house wasn't hot enough, not to mention my studio... it's like working in a sauna sometimes...

anyways I'd better get going!
love ~tess


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