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Thursday, July 29, 2010

time to get organized

fabric flowers in progress
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oh dear...
It suddenly occurred to me that it's probably been about one year since I really cleaned my studio. I'm not talking about dusting off the bench but about wiping off everything, organizing drawers, finding those missing gemstones that are probably lurking in some crack on our old hard wood floors, doing inventory, maybe even rearrange the layout and finally get a more functional workspace...

Now where did I put that little drill press I bought?

It has only taken me about 2 years to turn my house into a complete mess. At first I took over one of the guest bedrooms and made it into my studio (thanks honey!). Then I realized that I didn't have enough space for my desk. Where are all the bubble mailers supposed to go?

So then I got the space outside the studio and David built me an awesome desk with a lot of storage.. Now you can't even see the desk for all the mailers, pens, business cards and misc items that (I swear!) the cats have dragged up there.

And now I am starting this new adventure with nova of love. And all of the sudden our dining table disappeared. I mean it's still there, if you look hard enough. The chairs around that big pile of fabrics, petals, ribbons, a sewing machine, flowers, scissors, hair clips and headbands is a dead giveaway...

So today I decided to roll up the sleeves and tackle this monster that is growing out of control. David and the kitties deserve to have a clean house. Cleaner at least.

I am going to deal with my studio first. I think if I rearrange a little bit... maybe that scroll saw that someone (read David) convinced me to buy and that have been collected dust ever since could move somewhere else (read David's studio HA HA) I would be able to squeeze in a little work table for nova of love. And I need boxes. Tons of boxes to store fabrics and stuff. Which reminds me that I need to go through that IKEA Expedit I have in there. That is one underutilized bookcase. I could probably fit everything that is still laying around in boxes if I just took the time to do it...

And I definitely need to find a spot for that christmas tree foot holder thingie that I keep tripping on. Maybe I can jam it into the wardrobe together with my massive suitcase and that inflatable 8ft pool we bought in a weak moment during a 100 degree summer.

I feel good about this. I think it's gonna look really nice and I think I will feel so much better. I don't like mess (stop laughing David, I am serious!) but I don't mind a little bit of clutter. Yes, there is a difference...

Wish me luck. Hopefully I'll be back with before and after pictures for you guys.
lots of love ~tess


  1. Speaking as an arch enemy of clutter and mess, I wish you the best of luck in this new endeavor. Go get them (the mess that is)!

  2. Thank you! I have been working all evening. I am making good progress though. Hopefully by the end of tomorrow (Saturday) it will be done!


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