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Sunday, August 22, 2010

labour of love

a new adventure

instead of playing with metal and fire

but to
also play with with fabric and fire

I can express different things with fabric.
I can use my hands and fire to make it take on different shapes.
It's like a love child between nova of sweden and nova designs.

A soft chiffon, silk and pearl baby

It's so new.. so filled with promises. It's a little scary actually.
I've put so much heart into all my shops. A lot of love.
I do hope this new baby is well received. I have been watching it like a hawk.
Seeing who will be the first to claim a little fabric flower...

Grand Opening Giveaway
A special fabric flower hair accessory
could be yours to keep.
( I will take a photo and show you later)

It's quite simple actually.
Swing by nova of love! and leave your heart behind.
On August 27th I will randomly draw one winner
who will receive this special fabric flower hair accessory...

Thank you so much for stopping by and
have a fantastic Sunday!
love ~tess


  1. beautiful Tess - everything looks great! I hearted you from my bellabijoutoo shop, but it is private.

  2. Beautiful work Tess ~ I so want to order some flowers for my Elli's hair (she nine) so I will be back :)

  3. I love them! How pretty!! (Left you a convo...and hearted you both!!)

  4. Tess, these flowers are stunning...I love the graduated tones of colour from the centre outwards, they're so pretty :-) It is obvious that you create everything with a lot of love ♥

  5. Thank you so much ladies!

    And Nancy thank you for being my first customer :o)

  6. I Loved your work so soft.. so kind ..
    wish to you the best


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taking the time to share them with me.
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love ~tess