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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

upcoming shop update

in the works
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I work better when I give myself a goal. And it has been too long since my last shop update in the nova of sweden shop.

So yesterday I opened up my boxes of stones and fondled them like little pets. Softly whispered sweet things as I turned them around in my hands, feeling their shape and presence. Once again amazed by the colors nature can produce. It's quite incredible isn't it?

I settled for these stones. Some Ocean Jaspers (quite a few actually), Indian paint brush jasper, imperial jasper, a sweet cherry creek and some other goodies. That crazy looking druzy is my favorite out of this batch. Maybe not the prettiest of them all but so much potential. I have been nurturing this idea for this stone. A juicy, yummy strawberry ring. With it's potential also comes some challenges. It has a rounded back so this will require some thinking outside the box to make it work. I think I have it all figured out but time will tell :o)

So mark your calender.
Friday the 13th. Yep I decided that we should all have something fun to look forward to on Friday the 13th. I think that day has an unnecessary bad reputation. I can't for the life of me remember one Friday the 13th that was particular worse than any other day.

It might be a little ambitious though. My friend Harsha is coming tonight. She is flying in from Utah. We are going dress shopping in NY tomorrow. I am so excited and it means the world to me that she was able to come. Since my mother lives in Sweden she can't be a part of that experience and it would seriously suck to do it alone... She is staying until Sunday so I won't get much studio time in between now and then. So it will be late nights all next week. Which isn't bad when you're doing something you truly enjoy. :o)

Oh don't forget to leave your heart at my new shop Nova of Love!

Not cause I am a hardcore collector of hearts (even though they always make me feel warm and fuzzy) but so that you can have a chance to win one of my new fantastic fabric flower hair accessories!
Winner will be randomly selected from all hearts and announced on August 27th.

thank you so much for stopping by
lots of love ~tess


  1. Oh wow....are you going to have a great time designing around all those beautiful stones - can't wait to see the results.

  2. thank you! I am just about to hit the studio now!
    Maybe I will have some more pics tomorrow :o)

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  4. I love the green one with the dot in the middle! They are all beautiful stones.

  5. Thank you Alice!
    That one is super nice. The dot is this gorgeous purple color. :o)


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