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Saturday, August 14, 2010

update to the shop update

oh dear.. I am afraid time got away from me today. I just could not leave the studio. Those are good days though so I hope you understand! But I will add all these goodies to my shop tomorrow. Now that is a promise.

The update will start tomorrow Sunday at 11am philly time!
I hope to see you all there.

It's very satisfying seeing them all lined up like this. Like one big happy family :o)

Four fantastic new rings. Don't be fooled by the humble appearance of the porcelain jasper. The back is quite sweet if I may say so myself!

Two pairs of earrings. I can't stop gushing about those rose earrings. Yes, I think they are quite that spectacular :o) Believe it or not I actually bought those cabs from two different people. I think they were originally cut by the same guy though. I am so glad I waited for them to be reunited again.

and YES I made two lingering vines. oh how I love my lingering vines.. the way they drape around your neck in so many different ways. What's not to love about versatility!

And finally two gorgeous necklaces. So yummy!

and now it's time for a VERY late dinner..

see you tomorrow!
love ~tess


  1. They are all simply divine, Tess! I love the really dark patina on each piece, it really makes the colours of the gems 'pop'. I hope that your poor hands have a chance to recover now that these beauties are finished ;-)

  2. Thank you so much! I've always loved the strong contrast it creates.

    Not so sure the hands get to rest :o( I have to work on my new shop and I have like a gazillion fabric flowers to stitch together. BUT I am having fun so it's worth it!


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