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Monday, July 11, 2011

building a dream...

...makes a lot of dust

For some reason we thought we would have 
the studio dry-walled by now.
But that wasn't very realistic. 
Between my arm acting up and our
"new" truck turning out to have severe rust damage 
to the frame (I know, isn't that such a bummer!?) 
Poor truckie at the dealership now for evaluation. 
Turns out there is a recall
on the frame for rust problems...
So cross your fingers and lets hope they'll
replace it free of charge.


I am gonna have a window with a view.
Makes my heart swoon just thinking of it.

And here's the man who is gonna make it all happen.
My very own super hero!
Doesn't he look hot with spray foam insulation
stuck to his chest? ha ha

I am suffering from severe silver and stone withdrawal.
I think I have to go and pet some imperial jaspers...

Love ~tess


  1. Love the progress shots! Can't wait to see it all dry walled and painted and what not!

  2. oh all must be so tiring!!

    Cant wait to see it ready!!


  3. Tess, You are going to have quite a studio when it's done. What a talented hubby you have!!!

  4. Gosh that looks like hot work up there in the trusses, but your studio will be amazing.


  5. I love your new blog banner:)
    Aren't you so lucky having your own handyman!
    I bet you can't wait.

  6. That space looks so great for a studio; I bet you can't wait until it's finished.

  7. lookin good:-) it will be so satisfying in the end!

    we had an old tacoma like that, they bought it back for twice the bluebook... for the rust recall. I forget the years, but I think it anything after 95

  8. Jaime ~ I am anxious to get it done and painted too!

    Jenny ~ I swear I have been going to bed at 9:30pm and yet I am tired all day! Granted that could be because the TV now lives in the bedroom while we get the upstairs done... :o)

    Kim ~ I would be utterly lost without him. He is the one that makes all the magic happen!

    Ro ~ It IS hot up there! We are gonna invest in a window unit as soon as all the electrical is finished. Otherwise I would be working in a sauna again!

    Lenita ~ Thank you I felt it was time for a change. And for some reason I just have this urge to plaster my wedding photos all over the place :o)

    Rebecca ~ We should find out today if they'll replace the frame for us. If not I am not sure what we'll do. I can't imagine them not fixing it though...


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