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Friday, July 8, 2011

the forbidden room

sniff sniff 
what secrets are you hiding in here?

Smells kind of dodgy to me.
Like vinegar and some other weird stuff...
and WHOA look at all that dust!
People are gonna think you stink at cleaning.

Oh I see...
You made a temporary setup with all your
little gizmo's and stuff.

It looks a little tight though...
hardly any room for me...

and there's that strange toy you won't let me play with!

 –Stella hurry in and check out the forbidden room!

This exploring business makes me exhausted...
and a little bit hungry maybe.

I think I'm just gonna chill out here in the bedroom
for a while. Maybe I'll rapport back on Monday with
the kitchen. These sneaky guys put up a screen door to keep me out. 
But don't tell them that I know how to push it open :o) 

Hello ladies!
So to add to the whole moving stress I started 
getting pains, tingling and numbness in my right arm. 
I am guessing 12 years of graphic design finally is 
taking it's toll. I have been going to the doctor constantly
(or at least it feels like it) and a physical therapist 
who told me that besides my arm problems I am also crooked! 
(my right shoulders sits lowers than my left... SO typical!)

So I've been doing lots of stretching and 
trying to straighten out.
I am also limiting my online presence 
while I work on getting better. 
So if you don't hear from me in a few days that is why!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
love ~ lisa & tess (reporting from the new homestead)


  1. Carpal tunnel? Yep. I've got that. And am currently working on a nice case of tendinitis in my elbow. It really stinks. I wear the braces when it gets bad, not a pretty look, but it helps. Hope you get better soon!

  2. You know that's what I thought it was first. But it's not! Which I am super grateful for. I am sorry that's what you've got!
    This has got some strange latin name I can't pronounce but with the right stretches and rest I should get better.

  3. Noooooo! I'm sending you wishes for a speedy recovery! Too much time away from my bench and I get batty! Stretch away Miss Tess:)

    P.S. I smiled a huge smile when I read over your permissions note and saw the "Tess Norberg Jordan"! Congrats again on your wedded bliss- I love seeing evidence of true love and happiness:)

  4. Thank you so much :o)
    I am a very happily married lady!


I treasure your words and the fact that you are
taking the time to share them with me.
Please forgive me if I don't respond personally to you.
I always try but sometimes time just flies away!
love ~tess