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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

unfolding, unfurling and slowly unpacking



*Rubs eyes*
Oh hi there!
Things at the new homestead is slowly coming along.
I feel like both David and I ran out of gas after the whole move.
Feel like I've been slacking a bit...

I managed to set up a temporary bench while we 
work on putting up drywall in the new studio space. 
And I found some gorgeous raspberry leafs on a walk the other day.
And the rolling mill is staring at me from the dining room.
So something is bound to happen.. Maybe earrings?

David turned 30 yesterday.
I tricked him into wearing a v-neck t-shirt.
Oh my. He looked so good my knee folded!

We had a quiet night with a few drinks,
with some good friends, after work.
Then we hurried home and ate chocolate cake in bed. 
Yes it is true. Chocolate cake taste better in bed!

love ~tess


  1. Happy Birthday to David! I hope you had an extra slice for me....

  2. Happy Birthday David! Chocolate cake in bed sounds just right :)

  3. Happy B-day to David.
    I agree about the cake and bed. :D

  4. Chocolate cake in bed sounds cool:) Yum!!

  5. Chocolate cake is good anywhere but especially in bed...Happy B'day to David.


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