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Monday, July 25, 2011

dreaming in white

It's been long hours and a lot of hard work 
over here at the nova homestead.

David is such a trooper.
He patiently showed me how to install dry wall.
Turns out I am quite good at it.

I don't think he saw that coming! HA!

A massive heatwave hit this weekend..
The sweat was running down our faces,
soaking our shirts and dehydrated our bodies 
to the extend I think my brain was starting 
to shut down.

I don't know about you but when it gets 
hot like that my brain wont work. 
I forget how to measure...

This week it's going to be much nicer 
to work upstairs. We installed a new window 
unit last night and the cooling air flowing out felt
amazing on our hot tired bodies.

So bring on the mud buckets!

love ~ tess
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"Nothing is predestined: The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings."


  1. WoWoW, I've done drywall too it's looking great! The worst is yet to come, THE SANDING. With all that drywall I'm a little scared for you. The dust plume may reach here.

    Those jobs never materialize in the winter, why I don't know.


  2. Wow! You guys are making some great progress!
    I figure 2 weeks and the Nova studio will be up and running..... .. ...

  3. What a huge job! But in the end it'll be an awesome studio. Wow.

  4. Ro ~ I know! I am so dreading that part. I'll be wearing a good mask that is for sure!

    Peg ~ I hope you are right. That would be wonderful!

    Susan ~ Thank you so much. It's going to be at least twice as big as what I had before. Lots of room for more stones ha ha!

  5. That will be a great space for working in.
    It's looking good:) I bet you're excited!


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