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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A lovely necklace for a lovely lady

I got a custom order that I have been working on and I just finished it last night. I do hope she will love it. It's got a stunning Porcelain Jasper cabochon bezel set and 2 garnets flush set.

She can wear it this way....

Or this way...

I opened up the back to expose some more of that beautiful porcelain Jasper.

Taa daa!
For more photos just click here!


  1. seriously love it! What a lucky lady that gets this!

  2. It turned out wonderful Tess! I love that stone, and the setting around it is perfect! What a lucky lady!

  3. Jasper is one of my favorites. Your design is perfect with the stone's pattern. I especially like the first photo!

  4. Thank you! I am glad that it's done. Custom orders make me nervous!

  5. Wow thats absolutely beautiful ~ your work is amazing ♥

  6. how can she not love it!!?!?!? I love it! :D
    Great work TEss!

    Posting from my other account not attached to my blog. go figure :P

  7. I love how you design your pendants to be worn in different ways! Love the side-ways setting.

  8. She's getting three necklaces in one...i love how innovative you are with how to wear it! Wonderful stone too, I've never seen this kind before...

  9. What a stunning pieces - how could she not love it?!

  10. What a beautiful design, congratulations!

  11. Thank you for the wonderful feedback, as always it warms my little crafty heart!

  12. lovely, Tess. Your customer will be pleased. I keep seeing all of these cabs accentuated by your amazing metalwork and telling my husband to get his butt in his studio to cut some cabs. I would love to see what the two of you could come up with.

  13. I know!!! I asked him way back about making me some cabs but I think he's been busy cause I haven't seen anything in his shop! give him a friendly nidge from me :o)

  14. It's super lovely Tess! I love the backside too!!!


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