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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sproutlings and peonies

"I promise I will find a spot for you soon. I just can't put you anywhere. You must understand that..." ha ha my poor little peony has been sitting on our stairs for a while now. I just can't decide where I should put it... Plus a know very little about gardening and flowers.. I make it up as I go.. So if you know what peonies like please leave a comment and let me know...

And here's my cutie :o) You'd think all them little grass seeds are his babies. That is how good he is taking care of them.
And YEAH! They finally came! Ha ha I was starting to give up and all of the sudden. KABANG! (or whatever seeds say when they burst out from under the soil). I am know I proud baby seedling mama of lupines, sun flowers, forget me nots (of course) and sweet peas...

and my little garden outside started sprouting too! Mom you would be so proud. I have lettuce and a tons of herbs growing.. And carrots and even broccoli!

I just love these days when I get to spend them outside. They are very rare when you work full time and try to run a successful business from home. So today I filled my lounges with fresh air and dug deep into the soil. Ahhhhh so wonderful!

Have a good night my friends!
love ~tess


  1. peonies like full sunny locations, once buds start you hope for warm weather, not cold, otherwise the buds rot! And leave them in place - if you move them, they will not bloom for another year. At least that is the experience I have had with mine for the past 6 yrs. Linda

  2. Your cutie looks so pleased to have his pic taken. lol.

    I bet your garden is going to be fab. I know your grass looks better than mine. ;)

  3. Thank you guys!

    ha ha yeah he looks a little grumpy doesn't he :o)


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