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Friday, May 14, 2010

Space kitties and exploring minds...

I got 2 huge boxes with my fantastic center pieces for the wedding! I ordered 12 vinegrape spheres from AprilHilerDesigns on Etsy. She was fantastic and custom made them for me. I just wanted the spheres with an openening and no handles and she did a fantastic job. David is going to make holders that stand so the spheres will just hang above the table (so you can still see everyone around you!).

I can almost see it now.
Earthy gorgeous vinegrape spheres, dangling high above the tables.. Some lingering vines cascading out from the opening on the side... As the sun begin to set you will see the lights inside the spheres like little fireflies buzzing around..

Oh I can hardly wait!

And Lisa being the curious kittie she is had to explore one right away....

Posing with my new space helmet... oh boy I have special fur babies...

Take a look at this!

My roses are free falling. Escaped from the heavy silver backing that usually accompany them.


oh so pretty

oh so light!

I might have to keep these for myself.. I'll take more pics after they've been oxidized and the stones set... I am thinking pretty pink Peruvian opal... Mmmm...

But there is more where this came from.. LOTS more!! I'm aiming to have a shop update May 28th so maybe you'll see these babies there... or they might just live on my ears!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!
love ~tess


  1. Bröllopsbestyr! Roliga men oj så jobbiga.

    Heheheh..... cats will be cats. :)

    Love the earrings. Promise you'll show us regardless of you keeping them or not.

  2. ha ha, ja det ar jatteroligt men det tar upp sa mycket tid!

    I promise I will show you the earrings :o)

  3. I just had to laugh when I saw your heading on this post. We have a cat who is know by many names, one of which is Space Kitty becasue of the noise he makes. I love the idea of the helmet but this is also the cat that when we put a collar on him he walks backwards around the house thinking he can "back out of it". I could not imagine putting anything on his head!
    Please, please post some photos of these earrings when they are done, they look wonderful!

  4. Hi Tess!

    My name is Mariann, recent follower and first time commenter! Hehe!

    I just LOVE these pretties you're making!
    I just made a ring and decided to keep them, too!
    I usually forget to wear my jewellery, but when I do it gets noticed and the custom orders come flowing in!

    Please check out my blog if you have a moment.
    I've only just realised how many beautiful minerals, semi-precious stones and precious gems are mined here in Australia and I'll be working on using them in my jewellery.

    Keep up the good work, and give those pretty little kitties a big cuddle for me! I'll do the same with mine on your behalf :o)


  5. ha ha Lisa had to wear one of those collars when she was little and she did the same thing... slowly walking backwards around the house.. It was hilarious to watch.

    Hi Mariann! Thank you for dropping by :o)
    It's great PR to wear your own stuff, plus I like to "test" out my designs too. Make sure they function they way I want them too.

    Kitties says hi!

    and Lisa agrees.. she also thinks she is a genius... personally I am on the fence.. I had to rescue her from the laundry bag she jumped into and couldn't get out of this morning LOL


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