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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sun in my belly

Sun in my belly
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I got to visit my absolute favorite place in Atlanta this weekend.. Sun in my Belly... I am in love with their Vanilla yogurt parfait with fresh berries...


and i got to see one of my favorite girls too! Nicole, she is the sweetest! :o)

What else is new.. My garden finally started to sprout!!! I am so excited. I have to take photos for you and post tomorrow. Tiny little spouts finally showing... I do hope I can take care of them properly....

And we put a deposit on a tent for the wedding! So that's one thing I can take off my to do list... I have so many things on that list it's crazy...

And I started going back to the gym this week! Finally getting this lazy butt in gear. I have even been going there at 7 am to squeeze it in before work. And tomorrow David and I will bike to work. Last summer I was biking and besides being excellent exercise it's also incredible for your well being. It's so relaxing as the trail is in the woods and by a river. It's a 12 mile long path so yes you do get tired by the time you get to work, but I think it's worth it. I think about nature, breathing... life.. love, friends, happiness and sad things.. 12 miles is plenty of time to reflect on most things in life. And you get to see rabbits and chipmunks too :o)

I hope you are all having a fantastic day and thank you for dropping by!
love ~tess

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