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Thursday, September 30, 2010


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I think there is something to be said about true friends.

When it doesn't matter you haven't seen them in years. You just pick up right where you left off. Laughing, crying, sharing memories. Long nights of talking about what has been and what the future might bring.

Friends you've made online and when you meet them in person it's like you've known each other forever. You just click.

As you grow older I find it harder to make new friends. At least in the "real" world. I hardly leave my comfort zone of work and studio. But it makes me even more grateful for the ones I have.

You guys know me better than I probably know myself. You know my weaknesses and my strengths. You love me for who I am and I love you for letting me embrace who I am. That you understand why I work so hard and you never get mad when I forget to call when I said I would (but got lost in the world of silver and stones)... or when I never get around to install that skype thing we talked about..

Thank you for always being there
love ~tess

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  1. lol oh the skype thing! I have it installed, but have yet to use it!! I totally agree with you about it being harder to make new friends as we get older. I never really put myself out there when I was younger, but I just find there aren't as many ways to meet new people now.
    Sure does make me thankful for the few I have made :-)



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