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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

wedding wednesday's

wedding bouquet
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241 days until my wedding!

I spend so much of my time planning, thinking and working on things related to our big day. It's only fair that I take you with me on that journey.

It's a menu that has to be decided on.. Photographers booked. Hair styles and of course the dress that has to fit. So many things to think about. And so many details. David and I are all about the details. It has to feel personal. It has to feel like US.

Originally I wanted fresh flowers for my bouquet. Peonies.. ahhh big lush peonies.. and lilies of the valley.. Yummy.. I wanted a wild meadow bouquet. Not a tightly ribbon tied trimmed and pruned bouquet. But everything changed when I came across a gorgeous, amazing vintage enamel flower brooch. It had my favorite color. That sage or greenish blue that just makes my heart skip a beat. I saw it and I knew that's where I had to start.

So I started collecting vintage enameled flowers. One by one to build my bouquet. I even found a butterfly. A pale yellow slightly chipped butterfly. Touched by aged but timeless all at once.

Ivory, pale blue, yellow and dusty pink... It's slowly coming together as one gorgeous luscious meadow. With all the charm and personality I wanted. I love the old. The history of them. I imagine all the places they have been to and how they are all coming together for this one amazing day of my life. I feel lucky to have found them. Every single one of them. But especially that one sage flower that makes my heart skip a beat....

have a lovely day my friends


  1. It is lovely and such an original idea!

  2. Interesting share! Our wedding day is approaching and we have been working hard to make our day enjoyable and fun. We have just booked most suitable wedding venues for our DIY spring themed ceremony. Now working on DIY paper decorations. Really, we are enjoying each and every moment together.


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